Who’s Running this Show?

Source: Random Public Journal Who’s Running this Show? Follow @RPJblogBy Jason Michael In Brexit Britain it looks like mum and dad have skipped off for the weekend, leaving the kids in charge. The problem with this is that the kids have left the backdoor open for the local thugs to get in. Now the furniture is getting wrecked. Brexit has torn the curtain off the fiction that the Westminster government is in charge of the United Kingdom. It’s plain for all to see, both here at home and across the European Union and the world, that if the Conservative […]

So Far So Good

Source: Craig Murray So Far So Good The post So Far So Good appeared first on Craig Murray.

The hungry gamekeepers

Source: Wings Over Scotland The hungry gamekeepers Old media and new media spoke with one voice in Scotland today: But for once it was the dead-tree press that held the moral high ground. Labour MSP James Kelly today published the responses to his consultation on the repeal of the Offensive Behaviour (Football) Act, which poll after poll has consistently shown as one of […]

Self-defeating behaviours

Source: Wee Ginger Dug Self-defeating behaviours Oh here we bloody go again. Now you might have thought that the Scottish independence movement was motivated by the democratic deficit in this country, which leads us to have Tory governments we didn’t vote for, and which takes us out of the European Union even though we voted to remain by a considerably larger margin than we voted to stay a part of the UK. Perhaps you’d like to get rid of the affront to democracy that is the House of Lords and have governments that are responsible to the electorate and […]

The Glittering Prize

Source: Derek Bateman The Glittering Prize I hesitate to say so because I don’t want to continue a hostile debate, but one of the consequences of not writing clearly enough is that it gives readers side tracks to run down. I accept this is my failure to explain myself. God knows I should get it right after 48 years. First, I am not dictating anything. Can’t. Have no such intention…When I write words like: what we need to do, it’s me saying this is my personal opinion. It’s on my blog so that should be taken as read. I […]

Brexit: Jam tomorrow promises are insulting to Scotland’s exporters

Source: Business for Scotland Brexit: Jam tomorrow promises are insulting to Scotland’s exporters Believe it or not some clarity has emerged regarding Brexit at the Scottish Parliament’s meeting of the Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Relations Committee. David Mundell the secretary of state for Scotland stated quite clearly: “If we are leaving the EU, we are leaving the single market.” That is significant as now all parties in […] The post Brexit: Jam tomorrow promises are insulting to Scotland’s exporters appeared first on Business for Scotland.

Here Come the Pirates

Source: Bella Caledonia Here Come the Pirates In June 2014 we brought Smári McCarthy from Iceland to speak about post-Yes constitutional options and learning from our northern neighbour. He later joined our editorial board and he’s just been elected for the southern constituency of the Icelandic Parliament for the Pirate Party. This means we have a Pirate on board. As John Rodgers […]

Dundee Screening of London Calling 5 November; Kelty 4 November

Source: Craig Murray Dundee Screening of London Calling 5 November; Kelty 4 November There will be a screening of the documentary London Calling – How the BBC Stole the Independence Referendum – at the Steps Theatre, Dundee on 5 November at 1pm. It will be followed by a discussion including Mark McNaught and myself. The event is ticketed, but tickets are free here. The previous evening, 4 November at 7pm, there will be a screening of London Calling by Yes Kelty at the Moray Institute, Main Street, Kelty. I shall be speaking alongside the film’s director Alan Knight. I […]

This Explains Everything

Source: Bella Caledonia This Explains Everything …we are now living in an era of binary, tribal politics, when we desperately need to remember that we live in an analog world, where just because someone disagrees with you, they’re not necessarily involved in an evil conspiracy with everyone else who disagrees with you….

Sturgeon’s Race to the Sea

Source: Random Public Journal Sturgeon’s Race to the Sea Follow @RPJblogBy Jason Michael Theresa May has a plan to block Scotland’s independence. The plan is simple: Get out of the EU with Scotland before putting an independent Scotland in the position of having to apply to get back in. She knows we won’t go for that. As analogies go, this one is pretty apt and – considering the poppy frenzy has begun – quite seasonal. During September and October 1914 the German Army, according to the Schlieffen Plan, hoped to bring its war in the west to a speedy […]

Writers of fiction

Source: Wings Over Scotland Writers of fiction We were hugely excited earlier today to receive news of a team-up between two of our favourite people on the internet: catastrophically stupid Daily Express hack Siobhan McFadyen and popular lawsuit enthusiast JK Rowling. What we hadn’t expected was a starring role. The alliance in question took the form of an article in today’s Sunday Express. […]

The paradoxical truth of independence

Source: Wee Ginger Dug The paradoxical truth of independence Brexshit just gets worse and worse. According to Universities Scotland and the Research Council UK, Brexit could leave Scotland as intellectually impoverished as the Labour party’s Holyrood front bench. Academics who are EU citizens won’t want to teach or study at Scottish universities, and Scottish students won’t be able to study abroad so easily. Because if you are a European citizen who fancies your intellectual barrow, you’re going to go where there’s a decent prospect of funding and resources, and that won’t be British universities after the Tories wrench us […]

Plea for assurance over Kinloss

Source: Northern Scot Plea for assurance over Kinloss A CROSS-party group from Moray has again written to the Ministry of Defence demanding assurances over the future of Kinloss Barracks.