Doing it for ourselves

Source: Wee Ginger Dug Doing it for ourselves Following the news that the police have now formally charged Glasgow East MP Natalie McGarry, the infamously litigious George Galloway has announced his decision to stand as a candidate for the Westminster seat of Glasgow East. According to the Herald a source close to the Gorgeous One said that the lycra clad cat impersonator and praiser of the indefatigability of dictators was planning to stand “should there be a by-election”. Nice to see you’ve not pre-judged Natalie there George. Not that he has of course, oh no. George is well aware […]

Watching the Death of an Empire

Source: Random Public Journal Watching the Death of an Empire Follow @RPJblogLondon wasn’t built in a day, but by the look of things it will crumble in the twinkling of an eye. England’s decision to leave the European Union has sent sterling in an unrecoverable death spin. Britain is bleeding out. One has to admire the sheer optimism of the Brexiteers as they cling to a kind of magical thinking; that somehow the large global corporations that keep the British economy afloat will stay in London out of a sense of national pride. London – or rather “the City […]

The green and pleasant land

Source: Wings Over Scotland The green and pleasant land The Daily Telegraph just released a video called “100 Reasons Why Brexit Was A Good Thing”. It listed them to a soundtrack of “Jerusalem”, the same song that closed the Labour Party conference earlier this week with its stirring ode to just one of the four nations of the United Kingdom. We’ve saved a few of the highlights below, […]

Community Recap: Automattic’s Worldwide WordPress 5K

Source: North British Post Community Recap: Automattic’s Worldwide WordPress 5K From September 19 to September 26, we invited members of the WordPress community to join us in one of our favorite yearly traditions: the Automattic Worldwide WordPress 5K (open to runners, walkers, cyclists, and hikers — and any other type of ambulation). Here are some of the stories and photos people shared from their corner of the world. Live from Whistler Our company is distributed, with Automatticians currently based in more than 50 countries. But once a year, we meet for a week to work and socialize in person […]

Scotland Continental

Source: Bella Caledonia Scotland Continental Columba, herring, Burns and Ossian helped put Scotland in Europe a long time ago, argues Neal Ascherson. In those stunned days after the Brexit vote was declared, John Swinney spoke to the Scottish Parliament. The Scots had voted to ‘Remain’, but the English UK majority had voted to ‘Leave’. Swinney had to explain why the […]

How Long Has this Been Going On?

Source: Bella Caledonia How Long Has this Been Going On? Every Friday we bring you our track of the week. This week we give you How Long has this Been Going On? from Fear of a Jazz Planet. H/T to The Bonnie Prince… In other news Nightmares on Wax have released their back catalog of mix tapes for free. Head over to Nightmare On Wax’s website to […]

End of. Full Stop.

Source: Wee Ginger Dug End of. Full Stop. Isn’t it funny how things change in a couple of years. A couple of years ago the merest hint from European leaders that they’d prefer no changes to the existing settlement were spun into massive threats to veto Scottish membership of the EU. In fact even when those European representatives were talking about something else entirely, as was the case with the Croatian ambassador talking about the hurdles his country faced in gaining membership of the EU as it recovered from war and communist rule, it was still presented to us […]

Council meets finance secretary to stop 'drastic cuts'

Source: Northern Scot Council meets finance secretary to stop ‘drastic cuts’ MORAY Council’s leader has met Scotland’s finance minister to press for increased government funding to allow current levels of local authority service to be maintained.

Green Around the Gills

Source: Derek Bateman Green Around the Gills As you’ll understand, a retired gentleman has more to do with his time than follow the daily tittle-tattle in the gutter Press. What with checking the share prices and giving the Burgundy bottles in the cellar a half turn, there’s barely a moment worth wasting on the verbal histrionics of the hacks. But on putting my feet up on the ottoman in the salon yesterday and opening my Herald – from whom I am in receipt of pension provision after many years dedicated service – I was struck by a tale from […]

This is what democracy looks like

Source: Bella Caledonia This is what democracy looks like Sarah Glynn – member of Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan was part of a Scottish delegation to the Democratic Union Party Congress in Brussels, discussing the democratic federalist system they are establishing in the autonomous predominantly Kurdish part of Northern Syria. She reports for Bella here. The Kurdish fighters of Rojava in northern Syria have become familiar […]

Where is the Jeremy Corbyn Labour Party revolution going to end?

Source: Gerry Hassan Where is the Jeremy Corbyn Labour Party revolution going to end? Where is the Jeremy Corbyn Labour Party revolution going to end? Gerry Hassan Scotttish Review, September 29th 2016 Jeremy Corbyn and Labour have some major positives going for them. He has been re-elected Labour leader with a huge majority in an election in which over half a million people voted. On the wave of a surge of excitement and engagement, Labour’s membership has risen to 650,000 – over four times that of the Tories, and representing the largest political party in all Europe. On top […]

What’s with all the Hasbarartists?

Source: Random Public Journal What’s with all the Hasbarartists? Follow @RPJblogIsrael is waging an asymmetric war of annihilation against Palestine, but if you criticise it for this you will be branded an anti-Semite supporter of terrorism. This is the work of Israel’s online hasbarartists – an army devoted to defending genocide. Every day the State of Israel receives $10.2 million in military aid from the US taxpayer, money that is spent on a colonial project that is geared towards – in all practical terms – the complete annihilation of Palestine and the Arab Palestinian population. Israel kills Palestinians at […]

The Defence of Trident

Source: Bella Caledonia The Defence of Trident Trident isn’t a matter of left or right any more, or the ethics of pacifism or unilateralism, it’s become a constitutional issue. It matters that all of Britain’s ‘independent’ nuclear weapons are in Scotland. It matters that they are not in England. Rafael Behr today carefully analysed the splits and schisms in Corbyn’s Labour Party, […]

Death of a War Criminal

Source: Random Public Journal Death of a War Criminal Follow @RPJblogIt’s amazing what death can do for a man. Artists find that death adds value to the work everyone thought was garbage when they were alive, and Israeli war criminals find themselves being considered for sainthood. Shimon Peres, former President and Prime Minister of the State of Israel, has died and the glitterati of the world’s ruling élite don their black kippahs and line up in Jerusalem to lay stones on his grave. The media is singing laments for a fallen hero – a man of peace – while […]