Scots in the Curriculum

Source: Bella Caledonia Scots in the Curriculum John Hodgart casts a critical ee on developments in education. Scottish Studies an Scots Language Awards In ma last twa bits o scrievins I talked aboot the historical neglect o Scottish culture in oor educational system an the lack o progress in implementin maist o the recommendations o the reports on Scottish Literature an Language […]


Source: Bella Caledonia UnBurns Here’s Loki freestyle on Wavvy Music Likes(1)Dislikes(0)

Who really owns the city?

Source: Bella Caledonia Who really owns the city? The Edinburgh council politics of Disneyfication of the city centre is in front of us. We see it in the never ending festival nightmare that haunts the whole city, and invades the city centre. Some people might even like it, performers take over the city centre, every street and location is filled with comedy, music […]

Let’s face a future that we determine for ourselves

Source: Wee Ginger Dug Let’s face a future that we determine for ourselves A poll out this week shows that Jeremy Corbyn is leading in the Labour leadership contest by a crushing margin. Jezza enjoys the support of 62% of Labour members according to this week’s YouGov poll, with Owen Wossisname trailing on a meagre 38% giving Jezza a lead of 24%. Jezza’s commanding lead is, by coincidence, exactly the same as the margin by which Scotland voted to remain a part of the EU, yet we’re going to be dragged out of the EU anyway if Jezza and […]

Peak Craig Murray

Source: Craig Murray Peak Craig Murray My mother, Poppy Catherine Murray, nee Grice, passed away on 19 August aged 85 after a two year fight with multiple myeloma cancer. She had maintained herself in her own home until the last six weeks, and when she was eventually in hospital my brothers, sister and I took turns and were able between us to make sure that somebody was always with her. I last saw her on 14 August, and she never regained consciousness after that. We faced the agonising decision of whether to come up and run the Doune the […]

Straight out of Saughton

Source: Bella Caledonia Straight out of Saughton The Edinburgh Peoples Festival presents an exhibition of paintings by the city’s prisoners. An exhibition of paintings by prisoners at HMP Edinburgh opens to the public next week. ‘Straight Outta Saughton’ presented by the Edinburgh People’s Festival, begins a two week run at the WHALE Arts Centre in Wester Hailes starting Monday [29th August]. The […]

Britain in abeyance as May cabinet struggles to thrash out meaning of Brexit

Source: NewsNet Scotland Britain in abeyance as May cabinet struggles to thrash out meaning of Brexit By Russell Bruce Or perhaps just chaos. Brexit, as presented by Leave was articulated, if that is not too strong a term, as much the same as not renewing your sub to the local golf club. All very simple and the money saved would pay for more balls for the local free pitch and putt. Nothing is simple in International relations and especially not when it comes to complex treaties and trade deals. But not to worry! Many hundreds of jobs will be […]

A Moment of Hope

Source: Craig Murray A Moment of Hope The apparent end to the power of my old adversary Islam Karimov gives a brief moment of hope for change in Uzbekistan. It is worth recalling that Karimov was a member of the last Soviet politburo, and was a part of the failed hard line “communist” coup against Gorbachev. His support for Uzbek independence was both a matter of self-preservation and a successful endeavour to sustain the massively corrupt system that enabled a few families to pillage Uzbekistan’s great natural wealth. Tashkent was already famously corrupt in Soviet times; Karimov increased this […]

Scottish Business Buzz (30.08.16)

Source: Business for Scotland Scottish Business Buzz (30.08.16) World’s largest tidal turbine begins testing in Orkney In a second world first in as many days, the world’s most powerful tidal turbine is due to begin testing in Orkney. At 63m in length, the Scotrenewables Tidal Power SR2000 turbine is longer than the Scott Monument in Edinburgh is tall and is capable of generating 2MW […] The post Scottish Business Buzz (30.08.16) appeared first on Business for Scotland.

Let’s Rename Housing Benefit more fairly as “Landlord Bonus”.

Source: Craig Murray Let’s Rename Housing Benefit more fairly as “Landlord Bonus”. So-called “Housing benefit” is of zero benefit to tenants. It is a massive flow of taxpayer cash to landlords – an incredible £25 billion per year. It plays a pivotal role in the growth of landlordism and the bubbling of house prices to well beyond the pockets of most young people. It is argued on the right of politics that rent controls would be an unwarranted interference that would distort the housing market and prevent it operating efficiently. Yet housing benefit is itself a massive distortion, allowing […]

A Leftwing Utopian Fantasy

Source: Bella Caledonia A Leftwing Utopian Fantasy It’s easily forgotten that it was Ed Balls standing up and agreeing with Osborne ‘s catastrophic ‘austerity’ budget that was the final straw for thousands of Labour voters. As Owen Smith tours the country with his Pfizr Socialism it’s worth continuing to try and make sense of the twin-meltdowns of Labour north and south. Whilst the […]

The plaything of Gordosaurus obsolescens

Source: Wee Ginger Dug The plaything of Gordosaurus obsolescens Gordosaurus obsolescens, one time Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, former leader of the Labour party, erstwhile saviour of the Union and the world, and vower extraordinaire, has been wearing holes in carpets again this week, pacing up and down before an invited audience that is contractually obliged not to jeer or heckle. Although they can’t be guaranteed not to fall asleep. The subject of his orations is the constitution following the Brexit vote. Yes, Gordie’s been intervening again. Well, it’s not like he’s got anything else to do. Gordie […]