New Yes 1

Source: Bella Caledonia New Yes 1 The first in our new series inviting people who have only recently come over to supporting independence to describe their own personal and political journey. The Indy ref in 2014 was joyous, tense, and stressful. I lived in London and because of this I felt deeply conflicted about it. It seemed that almost all the […]

Scotland and the EU a timetable for change

Source: Business for Scotland Scotland and the EU a timetable for change Guest opinion from James Aitken, solicitor and founder member of Lawyers for Yes. I was quoted just a few weeks ago in an article in the National.  I had been asked what might happen if the UK votes to leave the EU but Scotland votes to stay.  I said the Scottish Government’s priority should be to […] The post Scotland and the EU a timetable for change appeared first on Business for Scotland.

Sanity, Shami Chakrabarti and the Ruth Smeeth Affair

Source: Craig Murray Sanity, Shami Chakrabarti and the Ruth Smeeth Affair At the launch of the Shami Chakrabarti report into anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, black activist Marc Wadsworth said: “I saw that the Telegraph handed a copy of a press release to Ruth Smeeth MP so you can see who is working hand in hand. If you look around this room, how many African Caribbean and Asian people are there? We need to get our house in order.” You can see the video of him saying it on the Independent website here. Sky News has been reporting this, […]

A bad boy done it and ran away

Source: Wee Ginger Dug A bad boy done it and ran away Never in the political history of the United Kingdom has the phrase “a bad boy done it and ran away” been more appropriate. Boris Johnson, who leapt on the EU referendum as a bicycle booster to his hopes of leading the Tory party, has looked upon the EUrine stained wreckage he has wrought and decided to spend more time with his lucrative column in the Telegraph. Boris will go down in history as the first man ever to be slaughtered by a goldfish. His leadership hopes were […]

PIP assessors, #DoNoHarm!

Source: Bella Caledonia PIP assessors, #DoNoHarm! The news is dominated by Brexit. The referendum result is producing damaging divisions between different sections of working class people, even outbreaks of outright racism.However the Tribe of the Moles wants to forcibly drag the conversation out of the comfort zone of parliamentary discussions and constitutional debates, to explore one of the many grey zones of […]

All things are relative

Source: Wings Over Scotland All things are relative Of the UK’s potential next Prime Ministers, Theresa May is the nice one. We’ll just leave you to ponder that for a bit.

The new national anthem

Source: Wings Over Scotland The new national anthem Boris Johnson is NOT standing for Prime Minister. Sup up your beer and collect your fags There’s a row going on down near Slough Get out your mat and pray to the West I’ll get out mine and pray for myself Thought you were smart when you took them on But you didn’t take a […]

MSP warns of 'dangerous' Moray junction

Source: Northern Scot MSP warns of ‘dangerous’ Moray junction AN MSP whose constituency includes Moray said he is concerned over reports of a “dangerous junction” in Forres.

There Will Be No Early General Election

Source: Craig Murray There Will Be No Early General Election Labour and Tories were neck and neck on 32% in the Mail on Sunday Survation poll on 25 June, the day before the Blarites launched their coup against the “unelectable” Corbyn. Before Corbyn became leader, Labour were consistently between 7 and 12 points behind on Survation. That Corbyn has done so well in popular opinion and in elections, is remarkable considering the Blairites who dominate his own parliamentary labour party have been conspiring and briefing against him from day one. The coup “rationale” is based on two lies – […]

Weather the Crisis, or Deal with the causes?

Source: Bella Caledonia Weather the Crisis, or Deal with the causes? Do we need a far far deeper transition than the paltry options we are given? If people are so desperate, do we need to make far larger changes? Do we need to begin by listening to those who we find intolerant and repugnant, to understand what is hurting so bad? The posh boys from their […]

The Irish Dimension

Source: Bella Caledonia The Irish Dimension ‘England’s difficulty is Ireland’s opportunity.’ That old republican dictum was oft-repeated in the run-up to Easter 1916, when King was busy battling Kaiser in far-flung French fields. A century later, England’s Brexit travails are less welcome across the Irish Sea, even by many republicans. Nevertheless, the decision to leave the European Union represents the most […]

Yes Nae Mair

Source: Bella Caledonia Yes Nae Mair When ah heidit up tae Galashiels on Friday morn, ye widnae hae kent that it wis a world gaun tapsalteerie, an that aw ower the Borders, aw ower the kintra, fowk were waukin tae the news that, aince again, Scotland had votit for yin thing an got anither. Bi keek o day, when fermers were […]

Osborne and Cameron confirm Scotland better off outside the UK

Source: Business for Scotland Osborne and Cameron confirm Scotland better off outside the UK At Tuesday’s The Times CEO summit during a Q&A George Osborne said: “As Finance Minister over the last 6 years, quite often I’m asked why can’t we be more like Singapore or Switzerland. These are much smaller countries, there are many fewer people living in them. 4 million people live in Norway, 65 million people […] The post Osborne and Cameron confirm Scotland better off outside the UK appeared first on Business for Scotland.

The bucket of crabs

Source: Wee Ginger Dug The bucket of crabs Britain is continuing its not so stately descent into madness. The thing about collective madness is that when everyone else around you is behaving like a crazy, then that legitimises craziness. That’s how you end up with a situation where Boris Johnson is tipped as next Prime Minister, Nigel Farage is a respected elder statesman, and the Parliamentary Labour party thinks that it can ditch Jeremy Corbyn as a leader and expects the grass roots membership not to immediately vote him back into office again. Polls strongly point to ordinary Labour […]

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou

Source: Derek Bateman Oh Brother, Where Art Thou Since the Labour plotters are using a moment of critical importance to the country to indulge their small-minded coup against a democratically elected leader, let me do the same. I’ll start with Labour in order to dismiss them from the key debate which is all they deserve. The MPs, most of whom have spent their years at Westminster scoffing at Corbyn as a corduroy comrade, have never resolved their prejudice and simply can’t accept him as leader of anything. They don’t care that the membership preferred him, massively, to their emollient […]