A terminal decline

Source: Wings Over Scotland A terminal decline We rarely do stat posts now, because readership has settled to a pretty steady level (generally bobbing between around 250,000 and 300,000 users a month) and we’ve run out of ways to blow our own trumpet. But we’re making an exception this month. The snide, arrogant, pompous and casually factually-inaccurate comment above was made by […]

Scotland’s Battle for History

Source: Random Public Journal Scotland’s Battle for History Follow @RPJblogScots are faced with the choice of two histories; one a construct of our Britishness that makes us gods of empire and victory, and the other that acknowledges our victimhood and an identity that can rise and overcome the nightmare of history. Suggesting that England may have behaved towards Scotland as it did towards Ireland and India, for example, throughout its colonial rule has provoked quite a remarkable and visceral reaction. Considering that we are speaking of events long before living memory, the force of the negative response comes as […]

Field Notes: SupConf 2016

Source: North British Post Field Notes: SupConf 2016 Automatticians, the people who build WordPress.com, participate in events and projects around the world every day. Periodically, they report back on the exciting things they do in the community. Last week I attended the first ever SupConf, held at Automattic headquarters in San Francisco, California. I attended the event with Mindy Postoff. Simon Ouderkirk and Jeremey DuVall gave talks. Andrea Badgley, Andrew Spittle, and Diana Potter helped organize the event, and Joe Boydston volunteered. We’re all Happiness Engineers. Happiness Engineers unite! SupConf came out of the Support Driven community as a […]

Chris Grayling and his pedestal of ignorance

Source: Wee Ginger Dug Chris Grayling and his pedestal of ignorance Tory MP and Brexit campaigner Chris Grayling has dismissed talk of a second Scottish indyref if Britain votes to leave the EU but Scotland votes to remain. We’ll be having none of that nonsense, said Chris, we’re voting as a single UK and Scotland will do as it’s told. That’s why Chris introduced English votes for English laws to prevent Scottish MPs from voting on English issues and to ensure that Scottish MPs became second class citizens at Westminster, because he didn’t simultaneously introduce a measure to prevent […]

The 2016 Scottish Cup Final: The Perfect Storm

Source: Bella Caledonia The 2016 Scottish Cup Final: The Perfect Storm Most commentators have thus far rightly criticised the fans of Hibernian and Rangers for their post-match pitch invasions that witnessed opposing supporters fighting one another and jubilant Hibernian supporters provoking and allegedly assaulting dejected Rangers players. The scenes that unfolded at the 2016 Scottish Cup Final were embarrassing and concerning but were not, as some may imply, surprising. Celebratory pitch invasions are prohibited, but tacitly accepted when they are the culmination of memorable, historic or extraordinary sporting achievement. Given the sporting context of one of Scotland’s premier clubs […]

Present and Future Scotlands

Source: Bella Caledonia Present and Future Scotlands Skreak-tklik! Skraak! Gloopgloop ….. Btong! I Finding myself a candidate for a Yale seminar on PHOTOGRAPHY AND BRITISHNESS – anything to stop Simon Schama! – I was editing ‘The Case for Moi’ on the laptop. Then this noise came from across the gangway of the train after Gala. Two very large young men – tattooed like carpets – had started working their way through a dozen cans of morning lager as we whizzed to town over the Moorfoots. God alone knew what state they would be in by lunch. In these momentous […]

£60k for Moray groups

Source: Northern Scot £60k for Moray groups SEVENTEEN community groups from across Moray received a share of £60,000 last weekend.

Swallowing a Substitute

Source: Bella Caledonia Swallowing a Substitute The great Russian poet Anna Akhmatova once wrote, “The thing about poetry is that once somebody swallows a substitute he will feel poisoned forever after.” If you insert the word “democracy” instead of “poetry” (and I would argue that there is no difference) you get a sense of where Scotland sits in relation to the false and damaging “debate” the Tories have constructed in this complete political canard of an EU referendum. The amazing and ever present irony by-pass and the daily lack of any evidence of a specific Scottish dimension displayed by […]

Notes on the Colonisation of Scotland

Source: Random Public Journal Notes on the Colonisation of Scotland Follow @RPJblogContinuing from the previous article supporting the case that genocide was perpetrate in Scotland, this article addresses the question of the English colonisation of Scotland. Beginning with definitions it advances into historic and present examples. Previously, in our discussion on The Scottish Genocide, we set out the legal and historical definition of genocide and laid out the case that the Highland and Lowland Clearances in Scotland were indeed acts of genocide perpetrated against the Scots Gaelic and Lallans populations. It was concluded that only through the lens of a […]

Yeah, that ought to do it

Source: Wings Over Scotland Yeah, that ought to do it We’re a bit behind, but we only just saw this. Suddenly a 70% Remain vote in Scotland looks like a conservative estimate.

The crown prince of darkness vs. the clown prince of barkingness

Source: Wee Ginger Dug The crown prince of darkness vs. the clown prince of barkingness David Cameron’s future as Prime Minister is looking even less secure than the Labour party’s control of Glesca Cooncil. At least Labour will probably hang on to a majority until the May local government elections next year, it’s quite likely that Davie boy will be gone by then. I’d do a wee dance to celebrate, but chances are he’s going to be replaced by someone else from the same narrow and highly restricted social circle. That would be nightmare characters from the Twilight Zone. It’s […]

Council proposes taxi fee increase

Source: Northern Scot Council proposes taxi fee increase A MONTH-LONG consultation has begun on a proposal by Moray Council to increase licence fees for taxis and private hires.

14 days to Help Bella

Source: Bella Caledonia 14 days to Help Bella We have 14 days left to reach our target. We need your help to raise funds and continue to build a better, pro-indy alternative media. If you’ve just been paid and you want to help us continue, please give what you can. You can pay into our crowd fund appeal here.  You can set up a standing order via Paypal or Bank transfer here. Or you can also make a donation by cheque – payable to ‘Bella Caledonia’ and posted to: Bella Caledonia Creative Exchange 29 Constitution Street Leith EH6 7BS Thanks for […]