A tale of two situations

To mark the day that we both appeared in the Herald’s “Power 100″ list of “The leading Scots who shape our lives” – and she had another go at trolling us – we’d like to dedicate this wonderful tune sincerely to the popular children’s author JK Rowling: We’ll try to …read more

Labour still hasn’t found what it’s voting for

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Wee Dougie Alexander, the political patron saint of holy wullies, has got himself a new job after being booted out by the voters of Paisley at the last election. The Guardian described Wee Dougie’s debacle as a shock defeat for the Labour party, but the only people shocked by it …read more

Interesting times

From tonight’s Evening Times: We’re not aware of a single elected Scottish Labour official previously expressing unequivocal public support for independence. Is this a small, self-interested one-off, or just the first cracking of the dam? We can only wait and see. …read more

How can YES win a 2020 independence referendum?

IT SEEMS to me the social and political situation is evolving to open the door to an early independence referendum, possibly as soon as September 2020. Firstly, the promise of more powers, so crucial to securing a No vote, is falling apart as the Scotland Bill’s lack of clarity on …read more



Ahead of the RISE conference, Jonathon Shafi welcomes the prospect of ‘a parliament shaped by the voices of the independence movement at its best’. The upcoming Holyrood election will be strikingly different from others before it. Why? Because it comes just twenty months after the biggest mass movement in Scottish …read more

The monstrous detriment of women

We were considering having a day off today, readers. There’s absolutely nothing of note happening in Scottish politics news, and the Sunday papers have been reduced to scraping up all manner of barely-reheated leftover dregs to fill their pages. But then someone drew our attention to a story in Scotland …read more


I think you can measure the death of democracy by the sheer audacity of the propaganda that government can get away with. Michael Fallon today on the Marr programme churned out the “70,000 moderate rebels” lie with a smooth bland face, and mentioned only the Free Syrian Army when pressed …read more

Great British double standards

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There are two kinds of people in the United Kingdom. There are those who divide people into two kinds of people, and there are those who don’t. If you’re one of the former you can also divide people in the United Kingdom into two kinds, those who are …read more