Your time is precious

Kezia Dugdale spoke for almost exactly 45 minutes to the Scottish Labour conference in Perth today. But we know you’re busy people who don’t want to sit through all of that, and that you trust us to endure it on your behalf so that we can sift through it and …read more

God save your mad parade

When we watched Kezia Dugdale’s toe-curling moment on this week’s Question Time, we were immediately reminded of a mesmerising passage in Jon Savage’s masterful 1991 history of punk rock “England’s Dreaming”, and in particular its account of the last ever Sex Pistols concert, at Winterland in San Francisco in 1978. …read more

The sunshine of socialism

We’re big fans of socialism ourselves, so when a number of delegates at the Scottish Labour conference today, including UK leader Jeremy Corbyn, revived an old Keir Hardie line we were quite excited. We just thought it’d be more fun than this. …read more

Let’s clear something up

Asking the question is the easy bit: “If the all-new, super-autonomous Scottish Labour decides to oppose the renewal of Trident, and UK Labour continues to support it, which way do Scottish Labour MPs at Westminster vote on it?” The answer, unsurprisingly, was a lot more difficult to ascertain. The only …read more

The missing paragraph

There’s an extraordinary article in the Daily Record today. Here’s a bit of it: Alert readers might feel that a few lines have gone missing somewhere between paragraphs four and five. And the fact that they have has nothing to do with dead football clubs, and everything to do with …read more