The Paradox of Unionism


By John S Warren

The Cuthberts’ Paper published here “Smith Commission: why the economic and fiscal arrangements need to be changed” (26th May) is an important reminder of the real nature of the key issues that face Scotland now. I would urge everyone who has not already done so, to read …read more

The awful truth

This is Robert Hutton – UK political correspondent for Bloomberg News and author of the book “Would They Lie To You?” – and former Labour spin doctor Damien McBride on Radio 4 this morning, discussing the fate of Alistair Carmichael. (The Week In Westminster, BBC Radio 4, 30 May 2015) …read more

PODCAST NEWS: The Prof, the news and BBC Reporting Scotland

Professor John Robertson

By a Reporter

The BBC’s Reporting Scotland was hailed as TV news programme of the year for 2014 by the Royal Television Society this month, after a controversial period dominated by coverage of the Scottish referendum campaign.

The award coincided with the completion of a series of damning critiques by …read more

The brain of Britain

Michelle Mone, the titular head of a loss-making underwear company mostly owned by a shady Sri Lankan business group, who’s spent much of the last eight years trying to blackmail Scots by threatening to punish them with hundreds of job losses if they don’t vote the way she tells them …read more

Scottish Labour must break away and possibly change its name, says Purcell

Steven Purcell: Labour needs a major re-think

Exclusive by a Reporter

Steven Purcell, former leading light of Scottish Labour, believes his party must undertake a completely separate operation if it is to resurrect its traditional strength in Scotland.

Purcell, former Labour leader of Glasgow City Council and once tipped as a future Scottish party leader before …read more

To the Bashful Conservative

By Gillian Cummings

A note to the bashful conservative, don’t worry no one knows your name…

Well, well, well, what a difference 3 weeks and a majority win can make in the world of politics and the length of David Cameron’s sleeves. Gone is the rolled up, pumped up look of pre-election …read more

Ch ch ch Changes


Without wanting to get all Tony Blair and, ‘you know’, clutch a coffee cup and say ‘we’re listening’ … but …

There’s a few changes coming down the way on Bella Caledonia. You’ll soon be able to edit your own comments and to ‘Like’ other peoples. A simple thing I know, …read more

Playing tricks on memory

In its kneejerk “SNP BAD” reaction to the Alistair Carmichael affair, the Unionist establishment – politicians and media alike – have furiously tried to divert attention from Carmichael’s smear and attempted cover-up by harking back to an incident in 2012, when the press gave vast amounts of coverage to a …read more

The Cloud Chamber

cloud chamber 2

By George Guyou

Cultural renewal is a process of uncovering our own mislaid and neglected history. Here’s a forgotten near-history of ideas.

Scottish physicist CTR Wilson’s invention of the Cloud Chamber led to the production of photographic plates that made visible for the first time the tracks of individual subatomic particles. Of …read more