Nigerian Politics

A monumental amount of naivety is being displayed by those heralding the election of Muhammadu Buhari as a new democratic dawn for Nigeria. I certainly hope that Jonathan’s concession does lead to a peaceful transition. But analyses which ignore the tribal factor are worthless. What has …read more

Waving from the quayside

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Polly Toynbee, doyen of the Islington Labouristas and one time cheerleader for Tony Blair and Gordie Broon, has ventured north of the M25 and come to visit Scotland – and it’s not even the Embra Festival. There’s true dedication to the cause of writing apologias for you, or is …read more

The weight of evidence

Like some sort of out-of-control, unstoppable lying machine, Scottish Labour keep telling the electorate that the party with the most seats in a hung parliament is the one that forms the government, and that the only way to prevent the Conservatives from returning to power is for Labour to be …read more

Catalan pro-independence parties agree independence roadmap

Several leading Catalan pro-independence parties have signed a preliminary agreement on a roadmap deal for Catalan independence from Spain. The parties have agreed that if they win the majority of votes in regional elections scheduled to be held in September 27th 2015 they will declare independence for Catalonia within 18 …read more

Ducking and diving

Credit is due to those of the Scottish media who have taken up this site’s challenge to ask Labour the key question of the 2015 election debate in Scotland – “Are Labour prepared to form a government if they’re not the largest party in a hung parliament?” (Because if the …read more

History written by losers

Because we took a short break over the weekend, we sadly missed Labour’s solemn commemorations of the 1979 confidence vote, and as a result we don’t know whether anyone actually did don a black armband or lay a wreath to remember the miners that Labour didn’t support when they went …read more

Thoughts on the SNP Conference

I am campaigning for the SNP in this general election. As I am still locked away finishing my book for 95% of my waking moments, that campaigning has been desultory so far, but will shortly be more lively. I am vain enough to think that my talents stretch beyond …read more

British Politics Hung Out To Dry

British Politics Hung Out To Dry

Gerry Hassan

Sunday Mail, March 29th 2015

A House of Commons where no one party gains an overall majority looks an increasingly likely outcome of the May election.

This has happened before, most recently in 2010, but also in February 1974; similarly, in the late 1970s and post-1992 …read more

Iannucci, I salute you

My favourite TV programme of all time is Armando Iannucci’s ‘The Thick Of it’. This goes way beyond comedy into the realms of pure genius.

When I watch an episode – even if I have watched it a dozen time before, I roar with laughter. But here’s the thing, …read more

One more for the list

We’re going to compile all of these onto a single page soon, because as you can see, Scottish Labour just can’t seem to stop telling this lie. Today’s expert saying “Does it, aye?” (and the latest in a long and distinguished line) is Peter Riddell from the Institute For Government, …read more