2014: From the Personal to the Universal


For many, 2014 will be remembered for little that is astonishing or newsworthy. Instead a year may or may not be recalled based on the standard meat of what is news for most of us. Break-ups, work, routine, choices; the everyday struggles and hopes that inevitably prove definitive over time. …read more

That was a year that was

Wings readership stats for 2014: Could have done worse. That traffic more than trebled in referendum year, of course, wasn’t entirely surprising. Nevertheless, to realise that almost two thirds of the entire registered electorate of Scotland paid our wee site a visit this year is still a startling thing. 2015 …read more

Missy M’s Sin of Omission

Ambitious SNP Westminster hopeful Gillian Martin seeks to bolster her standing within the party by a peculiarly snide attack on me, in which she continually reiterates how much she likes me but…

Among the buts is this story about the Yes campaign meeting Gillian and I both addressed in Insch:

One …read more

Documenting Yes: Year in Review 2014

03 Knitting for Indy by Robb M

2014, or at least the 9 months from January to September, was a busy year for Yes. During these months our core team of photographers did their best to get out when they could to cover the Yes campaign happenings. We didn’t manage to cover everything we wanted to but …read more

A simple plan

Scottish Labour clearly get a pretty good deal from the printers’ shop that makes the giant pound coins, because they’re waving them around again. The North British branch office’s latest wizard jape is to upset all the people who they urged to join for £5 just last month – never …read more

The Depth of Anti-Scottish Racism

An obnoxious D list celebrity seeks publicity by jibes about “sweaty little jocks” bringing ebola to England, in response to the plight of a selfless healthcare worker. Beneath our notice. But what is not only notable but cries out to be most carefully considered is the existence of thousands …read more

The Slightly Overweight Quiz Of The Year

A traditional brainteaser to test your Alert Reader Quotient for 2014. All the answers can be found somewhere on Wings (though not always in the obvious places). Using the Search facility is cheating. JANUARY The year began with Better Together’s great railway-station leaflet drop. We sent out agents to monitor …read more

The Myth of the Last Man

The Remnants of an Army 1879 by Elizabeth Butler (Lady Butler) 1846-1933

As the UK completes another military and political retreat from Afghanistan, it is time to revisit one of the most potent myths of the British Empire: the arrival at Jalalabad of Surgeon Brydon, wounded and on a shot-up dying nag, as the sole survivor of the Army of the Indus. …read more

The Aldi SNP

There is one particularly worrying mindset among some fellow SNP members which has repeatedly recurred across social media, particularly Facebook, in response to my observations. It is what might be seen as the apotheosis of political corporatism.

I take these comments from my last post to illustrate the …read more