Smithy: the Phenomenon

By Mike Small The ICM polls out today clearly show that the public mood in Scotland far outstrips the cautious contrived narrowness of the establishment stitch-up we’ve all just witnessed. But there’s a danger that the reality of the Smith… Read More › …read more

Let’s play Jocko Bingo!

This really happened today: Bagpipes! Haggis! Tartan! Whisky! Pretty sure we just got trolled, folks. “Less than three months ago the people of Scotland voted to keep the UK together, and I was just one of the millions of people who were relieved, proud and delighted that Scotland decided to …read more

For a Yes Alliance in May

By Gordon Morgan Peter Arnott’s very insightful post last Sunday highlighted the tension between the broader YES movement’s expectation of a unified election campaign in May which could effectively wipe out the unionist parties, and the reality that the SNP… Read More › …read more

One Nation Onesie

Is this the perfect gift for your Better Together loved one at Christmas? The Union Jack Onesie boasts deep pockets for receiving funds from our benevolent neighbours, a padded bottom for anyone getting a sore arse sitting on the fence… Read More › …read more

Socialism, 2014

Here’s Jim Murphy, a self-proclaimed “socialist” and the hot favourite to be the next “leader” of Scottish Labour, interviewed in today’s Mail On Sunday while doubtless still fresh from his regular early-morning run-through of The Red Flag: To the barricades, comrades! You should be able to read the whole piece …read more

Objects in the mirror

…are closer than they appear, runs a (slightly depressing) inscription that must by law be engraved on the door mirror of cars in the USA. Objects in the Telegraph, though, follow different rules. (Thanks, we’re here all week.) Here’s Alan Cochrane in said organ on 25 September: “It is truly …read more

The truth may out

As the Unionist press and parties indulge in orgasmic paroxysms this week about how “The Vow” has allegedly been delivered and exceeded, it rings even stranger that absolutely nobody wants to claim the credit for authoring the historic document that saved the UK. Our investigations continue. To: Prime Minister’s Office …read more

How to lie without even trying

This is a headline from Thursday’s Guardian: You all know how it works by now, right? Headlines are what control the news agenda. We’ve previously detailed at length some of the studies that show the precipitious drop in readership between the title and the end of a newspaper article, and …read more

Well that’s that – it’s over – and I mean it’s really over.

Source: Dick Winchester I’ve been living in hope in recent months that we might finally be getting our act together on two important issues.  The first being the stewardship of the oil and gas industry and the second the development of an indigenous renewables technology manufacturing industry. Following the Scottish independence referendum the former will now remain in the hands of the UK Government who say they will follow the recommendations of the Wood Review including the establishment of the new regulator and revising the fiscal regime.   This will be worth watching because the proposed new style regulator will still […]