The independence train to better transport

Derek Bateman has been having a wee bit of a moan today about the general crappiness of Scottish public transport. He makes some very good points, public transport in the United Kingdom still suffers from the Thatcher effect. Maggie reputedly considered that if you were still taking the bus by …read more

A job done mostly well

We spend a lot of time on this site pulling the Scottish media up on its many and abysmal failings, so it’s only fair that when it occasionally gets something (largely) right we should offer it a little bit of praise and recognition. And for once we’re not even being …read more

Sophie’s World

By Tracey Fallon The Better Together lobby have a new campaign to “target 300,000 female swing voter all across Scotland” with a letter from a 19 year old Sophie Sandor who, according to their website, is a Edinburgh University student… Read More › …read more

Straight to the bottom

We haven’t the faintest idea what the millionaire-Tory-run “Vote No Borders” campaign might be having on the general public, but for those of us analysing the referendum campaign it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Whether it’s the extremely suspicious nature of its funding , its employees airbrushing their CVs …read more

Mass Canvass in Pollok

Bellavision reports on the Radical Independence Campaign’s mass canvass in Pollok, Glasgow as Yes activists go direct to the people in an effort to bypass the mainstream media. Registering people to vote is a basic part of the re-democratisation of… Read More › …read more

Guns off our streets – starting with the police

Highland MSP John Finnie does a bit of time travelling…

It’s the summer of 2017, and a hot summer’s night in the Highland capital of the newly independent Scotland.

Many of the population have been drinking all day. The town centre party gets out of hand and the armed police officers …read more

Hacked off

The week-long media frenzy that would have surrounded the Scottish Government releasing a key set of figures about independence, only to have them immediately and pointedly disowned by their cited sources as gross distortions misrepresenting the reality by a factor of 12, doesn’t bear thinking about. (Remind yourself of the …read more

With a Song in our Hearts

By Kevin Brown I am a freelance ‘Yes’ activist, and as well, a Canadian newcomer to Scotland with a fresh, outsider’s perspective. This has granted me, I believe, abilities beyond the ordinary to read the tealeaves and to gaze into… Read More › …read more

An Englishman not abroad

Why would an Englishman vote for Scottish independence? Why would a whole group of English people vote Yes? It’s a question I’ve been asked many times, and which the group I helped to co-found last week, “English Scots for Yes”, intends to answer. For myself, I grew up in Suffolk, …read more

How the No Campaign convinced me to vote Yes

I have lived in Scotland for 16 years. I consider myself a Scot unless they are playing Wales at rugby! I avidly support England at cricket and I still love to head for warmer climes when its cold. But without doubt, Scotland is home. ‘At first I wanted more powers’ …read more

Bacon Roll Politics

By Mike Small Dear reader, as proof of my competence and man-of-the-people status I am heroically this morning eating a bacon roll. Georgia Graham yesterday reported earnestly to high-brow Telegraph readers: “Nick Clegg gave Ed Miliband a lesson in how… Read More › …read more

Just so you know

From today’s Guardian: “Labour cannot afford to undo the coalition’s cuts in the next government and must expect to be unpopular, one of the party’s most senior finance spokesmen will say on Friday. Chris Leslie, the shadow chief secretary to the treasury, will say some of the spending decisions ‘will …read more