Goodwill hunting

There’s a misleading article in the Scotsman today – I know, I was as shocked as you are – whose pro-Union spin has already been analysed over on Wings Over Scotland.

Sterling, as has been repeatedly pointed out by the BT crowd, is not a tangible asset. It cannot be …read more

Something to think about

STV Sport has tonight broken the news that Scotland will play England in a friendly international at Hampden on November 18 this year. Would you like to imagine, readers, the songs the visiting England support might sing if Scotland had voted to continue being ruled by them exactly two months …read more

Permitted Participant

By Mike Small Three days ago Women for Independence tweeted saying:”‏@WomenForIndy So, in the next few weeks you will see us, @myYesScotland @WeAreNational & @ScotIndConv all as registered Yes campaigns. More to follow.” Today in the Herald, Magnus Gardham descends… Read More › …read more

Scotland Yet

A film about independence from Jack Foster and Christopher Silver … Filed under: Film and Animation Tagged: #indyref, Christopher Silver, Independence, Scotland Yet …read more

Black Rod and the Bastards

By Gavin Falconer “First they fight you, then they laugh at you.” The year, as I recall, was 1996, and John Major’s Government was in crisis. On Channel 4 News, one of the dissident eurosceptics to whom the Prime Minister… Read More › …read more

Little lies

The Scottish independence debate is characterised by so many gigantic lies from the No camp and the media (no pound, international outcast, bankrupt, cataclysm, etc etc) that there’s rarely time to pick up on all the small, casual, offhand ones that also litter the news-stands and the airwaves and poison …read more

A circular argument

You can’t make this stuff up. Yes Glasgow has been inviting No speakers to take part in this Thursday’s event for literally months. They’ve contacted every single MP and MSP from a Unionist party representing a Glasgow seat, asking them to participate. They offered from the very beginning to let …read more

Don’t let the No camp fool you anymore

By Alan Bissett

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve found myself under a sustained attack from the media. Given how involved I’ve been in the independence campaign this, while unpleasant, was probably bound to happen. While I can certainly brush off the likes of the Daily Mail denigrating my poetry …read more