Better Together: Proud to Fail

By John S Warren Ian Martin in an article spread over two pages in the Sunday Telegraph (30th March p.18-19) concludes after what we may now fairly term the ‘Apertiv-gate’ currency fiasco, that if Better Together “make many more foolish… Read More › …read more

Quoted for truth #48

David Mitchell in the Guardian, 30 March 2014: “There’s always a chance that people will decide who to vote for according to policy – and by ‘people’, I mean the people that matter: the indecisive minority who change which party they vote for from election to election according to whim, …read more

Blinking for Britain

Alistair Darling has been blinking for Britain in interviews again, as he tries to haul his credibility out of a bottomless pit with a length of string he’s spun out of frayed press releases. The Tory minister’s admission to the Guardian that Westminster’s sterling zone veto is merely a negotiating …read more

Project Fear By Numbers #2

Building into a thrilling partwork! (When we’ve done all 12 of these we’ll be compiling them into a single massive post for easy reference, but it might have been a bit much to handle in one sudden burst.) FEARBOMB 2 – YOU WON’T BE ALLOWED IN THE EU! It’s one …read more

The Better Together Campaign Crisis

“If you have a pliant media (which doesn’t know what’s happening on the ground anyway), for quite a while you can get away with describing the world as you wish it was and not as it is. The problem is that eventually reality catches up…” …read more

Not even trying any more

From a tired and desperate-sounding Alistair Darling, interviewed in today’s Guardian: “[Darling] said Sturgeon ‘patently does not understand what a currency union is’. It would require a single government because it was like ‘sharing sovereignty in the same way as you do when join the euro’. ‘The currency union argument …read more

They who will not hear

As we launch our new 12-part beginner’s guide to debunking the No campaign’s scaremongering strategy with a piece on the currency issue, a document sent in this morning by an alert reader couldn’t have come at a more timely moment. It’s a letter written five weeks ago by Bill Munro, …read more

How Scotland is powering the renewables revolution

Scotland remains on track to produce the equivalent of 100% of its electricity consumption from renewable sources by 2020, according to a recent report by WWF Scotland. Powering the renewables revolution The next generation presents a unique business opportunity for Scotland to develop skills, jobs and exports in renewable technology. …read more

Project Fear By Numbers

With less than six months to go until the referendum, Scots are turning more of their attention to the debate. Until now it’s largely been the province of politics nerds such as ourselves, but with the vote beginning to loom on the horizon normal people are starting to study the …read more