The tumbleweed express

We were expecting the turnout for the No campaign’s Great Train Mobbery to be a lot better for the afternoon session, on account of the fact that nobody would have to get up at 6am to go and leaflet a dark, freezing-cold railway station. The opposite turned out to be …read more

Type mismatch

While we struggle through a tax return and our intrepid spotters document the second half of Better Together’s Big Train-Station Day Out, we figured you might like to read the Scottish Daily Mail’s story on the operation. It’s a strange piece, opening with a dramatic “evil cybernat spies under the …read more

Small Man

Radio Scotland is interviewing an academic from Aberdeen, I think from the excellent Rowett Institute, who says that after a bout of exercise people have a bias towards low calorie food. Does Ian Small know about this? The interviewer didn’t ask a single question doubting the methodology or deductions arrived …read more

An Inevitable Question


An inevitable question to the No camp is “Is the cost of a minimum of 27,000 permanent jobs in Scotland a price worth paying to maintain the union?”, to say nothing of the incredible growth in development in all areas of career fields and branches thereof, including wages and salaries …read more

The lonely hours

We take our hats off to the No campaigners who braved a cold, dark Scottish morning to go and hand out leaflets to the public at train stations across the country today. We’d have preferred it if they were distributing leaflets that weren’t packed with a litany of flat-out lies, …read more

Wee is Beautiful

By Mike Small Oh dear, Calamity Johann. After her ‘no such thing as something for nothing’ derision of univeralism, hapless Johann Lamont has hit a new low with her most derisiory FMQs performance yet. See her Wee Things comments (here)…. Read More › …read more

Poor Wee Things

I met a Labour man recently who said the party made a big mistake electing Johann leader. Of course the ordinary members didn’t….it was the payroll and the unions – Labour’s institutions – that wanted her in place. What must they all think now? As time rolls on to the …read more

Ross County close in on Cikos

Ross County aim to complete the loan signing of Slovakian right back Erik Cikos before the January transfer window shuts tonight after under-20 coach Barry Smith was confirmed as Alloa manager. …read more