A Union of Poverty

In the first of our series exploring responses to the White Paper, Mike Small summarises the mood. The week when we saw the launch of a historic vision of the future of our country, the Better Together’s response was muted…. Read More › …read more

The Captain’s Abyss

The realisation that the No camp’s reaction to the independence White Paper has been based on a massive, scarcely-believable misunderstanding (or misrepresentation) of reality has thrown a new light on all sorts of things from the past week. The most recent “BLACK HOLE!” story is a case in point. We …read more

Future Folk (Us)

Today on St Andrews Day we’re inviting readers and contributors to write for us on the themes of the White Paper (available here as an eBook in all formats): Economy; Health and and Wellbeing; Education, Skills and Employment; International Relations… Read More › …read more

We made a mistake

This morning we’ve been double- and triple-checking our story from last night, because we were so sure we must have missed something. Even given the low esteem in which we hold the integrity of the hapless “Better Together” campaign, we felt that they surely couldn’t have made such an idiotic …read more

The quid pro quo

I mentioned in the previous post that Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy had only made his comments about Scottish membership of the EU as a quid pro quo for Davie Cameron returning the favour and making a similar comment which Mariano could use to pour ice cold gazpacho over …read more

The Red Face Gang

We saw this graphic on the “Better Together” website yesterday, but we dismissed it as uninteresting even by their playground-propaganda standards, amounting as it does to nothing more than a startlingly feeble cry of “These are their forecasts, but we have different forecasts so theirs must be wrong!” But an …read more