Project: Soundtrack to Independence


Soundtrack to Independence is an exciting new music project, calling for public contributions from musicians, amateur or professional, to create a vibrant, diverse independence sound.

We want your music to capture the energy and excitement of the independence movement.”

– Lou Hickey

Music …read more

In the shadow of the cuts

By Sandra Webster

In the last week, when most of the media were caught up in the froth of the latest chapter in the soap opera which is the royal family, news of the impact of benefit cuts managed to fight their way to prominence.

These are the stories that …read more

The End of Privacy

The idea that a post-Britain Scotland would be less secure than one associated with British foreign policy misadventure has been derided. Douglas Stuart Wilson explores what we mean by ‘the national interest’. Many of us must have suspected that the… Read More › …read more

Prospect of independence drives Scottish politics left

By John McAllion

The election in 2011 of a majority SNP government made certain that there would be an independence referendum in the lifetime of this Scottish Parliament.

It also ensured that there would have to be a wide-ranging public debate about the kind of country that Scotland might become after …read more

England: Still Learning to Speak its Name

Contributing to this Bella Caledonia series only reminds me how far behind England is relative to the rest of the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Scotland decides on independence in less than a year, Wales is debating devolving police… Read More › …read more

Revolution for lazy people

Oh, I was irritating when I was 15. On our way to school, my friends would stop at Ian’s Newsagents and scatter their pocket money on the counter to work out how many fizzy cola bottles and packets of Space Raiders they could get. I’d do the same, but mine …read more

Gordon Brown tells the truth

According to one theory, there is an infinite number of universes, which in turn means that all possible things which can potentially happen do in fact happen somewhere in the infinite multiverse, no matter how implausible or unlikely. There is a universe where there are actually more Tory MPs …read more

Our man at the scene

Hello, I’m Andrew. Rather than follow my desires and mingle with the true believers at the Yes Scotland meeting in Penicuik last night, I decided to expand my horizons and instead attended the launch of Better Together Musselburgh at the Brunton Hall. My first surprise was to discover that the …read more

Independence will deliver a sustainable future

Two major events happened in the UK energy market last week – the first was extremely well publicised and dominated the news cycle for 48 hours the second went by barely noticed. I’m talking respectively about the announcement of a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset and …read more

Spending £20 to save a tenner

This week it was claimed by Stuart Adam, senior economic researcher at the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), that taxes would have to rise almost 14% in an independent Scotland, if they were the sole method used to fill the Scottish budget deficit. It’s a dramatic headline, for sure. But …read more