Think of a number

Sorry, folks. We haven’t quite managed to get going today. We’ve got a cold, the weather’s grey and miserable, and watching the TV feels like being stuck in a bad dream you can’t wake up from, as the Tories look for new ways to be evil and Labour response isn’t …read more

A quick reminder

This man only controls the finances of Scotland because Scotland is part of the UK. Never forget that if you listen to Labour and vote No next September, there’s (at least) a 60% chance that he’ll control the finances of Scotland until 2020. Ready to risk it? …read more

On Parade

By Mike Small Three closely related questions strike you after watching this video. Which bright spark at the MoD thought this would be a good idea? Which executive at Ibrox organised this event? What kind of a country are we… Read More › …read more

Red Ed v the power barons

By Aamer Anwar

Apparently there is a new left-wing leader in charge of the Labour Party who can speak without notes. Imagine that. Branded ‘Red Ed’, I actually thought this week’s Labour Party Conference might be worth a watch.

When I got over the blinding backdrop of a St …read more

Fibre Optics

By Kevin Pringle, Scottish National Party Strategic Communications Director. The underlying issue behind Prime Minister David Cameron’s refusal to debate the case for an independent Scotland with First Minister Alex Salmond is that it exposes an identity crisis at the… Read More › …read more

How to be a Scottish writer


A poet’s job is to serve their country and the world with words.

A writer’s right is to be paid a proper wage.

It is frequently observed that Scottish writers do not earn a living wage because their books are not sold at the level of the international English-speaking market.

Writing can only …read more

The power of six

Below is the text of a letter sent by Alex Salmond, the First Minister of Scotland, to the UK Prime Minister David Cameron today. Dear David, I write in response to your letter of 26 September in which you say that you are unwilling to debate the future of Scotland …read more