Is this a trick question?

For some reason which escapes our understanding, the operator of the misleadingly-named “Scottish Labour” Twitter account chose to tweet this message this afternoon. We know the answer, but we’re jiggered if we get the point. Because these things are a matter of public record, and it’s easy enough to find …read more

For Bella Caledonia: Independents for Labour

This was a piece that Bella Caledonia asked me to write after news of my membership of Labour for Independence seems to cause some consternation in the media, with it being taken as evidence of SNP front activity. I explain my engagement with LFI below, …read more

Project Feart?

We’re now in the sixth day of our attempt to arrange a public debate between the respective chairmen of the Yes and No campaigns, Dennis Canavan and Alistair Darling. Yes Scotland director Blair Jenkins accepted on behalf of Mr Canavan some days ago, but despite his “Better Together” counterpart Blair …read more

The pride of Britain

It’s very rare, viewers, that we get so angry in the course of writing a post that we have to stop. But when we ran a picture last night of Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander MP, opening a foodbank with a cretinous smile on his face as if …read more

Two cousins

The internet’s been enjoying itself since last night knocking up satirical versions of The Sun’s wraparound cover today. For no immediately apparent reason (except perhaps that it’s a slow time for news) the paper has suddenly decided to give a “State Of The Union”-type address explicitly setting out its beliefs …read more

Please give generously

Some people in Britain can’t afford to eat and are having to go to foodbanks to survive. So open your heart to this hungry little ginger fella, won’t you? There’s only so far an expense account will stretch when you’re on a tightly-controlled public sector salary. …read more

The big decision

You’ve bravely waded through a 3500-word book review already this morning, so let’s give you something a little more bite-sized to digest. This one could be a game-changer, folks. Brace yourselves. We’ll keep this brief. We currently have a cash ISA (balance £3.42). It pays 0.1% interest.  The annual cash …read more

Another country

Wings Over Scotland went to London last weekend, for no particular reason other than a change of scenery. After a trip to the faux-bohemian Camden Market – in which about six different stalls are now repeated over and over in a strange gentrified mockery of its previous more anarchic life, …read more