Bronze Age Grave

 Travellers on the Garmouth to Elginhill road during mid-April must
have been puzzled to see a group of people digging or standing around
in a ploughed field on the east side of Bin Hill. It can now be
revealed that these were a team of professional archaeologists
excavating a Bronze age burial site. The 4,000 year old burial had
gradually been exposed…

History of the Water Tower

Garmouth Water Tower The water tower was built in 1898-9 to distribute water to the people of Garmouth, Kingston and District, and is a Category C listed building    The official description reads a “circular 2-stage cement rendered tower with conical slate roof”.     The water came from a reservoir high up on the Fochabers Burn, at a point higher than the Garmouth tower.  The water flowed by gravitation through a 4-inch pipe under the Fochabers road bridge, and on to the Garmouth tower, to fill two cisterns, upper and lower, within the body of the tower.   Inside the tower there were […]

Maggie Fair Origins

MAGGIE FAIR The Origins King James the VI granted a Crown Charter on the 30th June 1587 in favour of Robert Innes of that Ilk (the 19th Laird of Innes) by which Garmouth was ‘erected into a Burgh of Barony’ with the power of creating free Burgess’s, erecting a Mercat Cross and building a harbour. The harbour was of course, in Kingston, and there was a pier close to the old boat green, in front of the Bank house. The Mercat Cross was sited roughly where the war memorial now stands. The Burgh Barony of Garmouth also had the power […]