Time to reflect on all the good news for Scotland from the beginning of April only: Health

Source: John Robertson Time to reflect on all the good news for Scotland from the beginning of April only: Health


There have been so many good news stories reported here, I thought it might be useful if you had a summary you can pull out whenever you need to put a Unionist straight. So here are the Health ones:

Major improvements in state of the NHS Scotland estate under SNP administration as NHS England estate crumbles

‘NHS across UK has much to learn from Scotland?’ The King’s Fund told us this in 2013!

Though we already have the highest rate of donors in the UK, Scottish government to introduce soft opt-out system for organ donation. Does this tell us something more?

Hundreds of English mental health patients forced to travel hundreds of miles to Scotland for treatment, due to bed shortages

Scottish stillbirth and early infant death rates lowest in the UK and approaching lowest in the world

As NHS Scotland’s standards of care continue to exceed those of NHS England, the Scottish Government does not rest

Record NHS Scotland workforce announced as NHS England struggles with far worse levels

NHS Scotland’s Accident and Emergency Departments continue to outperform

NHS Scotland staffing climbs to a record high as the Tories create a catastrophic fall in NHS England

Trust me, I’m a BBC TV Doctor and I can assure you NHS Scotland is much better.

NHS Health Check: Which part of the UK is doing the best?

The massive superiority of Scotland’s A&E Services over those in England during the Winter of 2016/2017

SNP Government invests £2.5million so that GPs have more time with patients

Extra £6.3m for Scottish Ambulance Service to further strengthen the world’s best A&E service