‘Staggering’ 175% increase in Edinburgh office take-up is further evidence of booming Scottish economy

Source: John Robertson ‘Staggering’ 175% increase in Edinburgh office take-up is further evidence of booming Scottish economy


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You’ve already seen, I hope:

Unemployment at record low, employment up, economy growing, youth unemployment amongst lowest in Europe, business confidence increasing, oil jobs returning, health indicators improving to world’s best: That’ll be Norway? No? Scotland!? SNP baaaad!

Oh no, not more good news about the Scottish economy! Quick get more tissues for Ruth and Kezia. Far Less [Fewer] businesses failing in Scotland for the second quarter in a row

Even Kevin McKenna joined in with:

‘There is much good news about the country, so why the endless denigration?’

I especially liked his attack on the right-wing Fraser of Allander Institute:

‘I don’t know if anyone has ever asked the Fraser of Allander Institute, the Scottish right’s favourite economic thinktank, if it is able to quantify how much business has been lost to Scotland owing to the Tory/Lab onslaught against Scotland. The picture painted of Scotland by Davidson and Dugdale over the years as an economic wasteland full of people who might assault you at any given time must have cost this country billions in investment and tourism. Following events last week, however, some of the economists of the Fraser of Allander Institute might have been seeking refuge in a darkened room. For it was revealed that the Scottish economy grew by 0.8% in the first quarter of 2017, a rate four times more than that of the UK as a whole. The news came just a few days after the Fraser of Allander had predicted that Scotland’s economy might be teetering on the brink of a recession.’


So here is just one more piece of evidence that the Scottish economy is in good and increasingly good health. See this from the Scottish Business News Network:

Three of the biggest city centre deals in the UK helped deliver a record-breaking quarter in commercial property take-up in Edinburgh. Figures from real estate advisory business GVA reveal the capital saw a staggering 175% increase in take-up over the five year quarterly average, with a total of 432,350 sq. ft. This was driven by the Government Property Unit’s agreement to let 189,000 sq. ft. at New Waverley and investment manager State Street’s decision to pre-let 65,600 sq. ft. at Quartermile 3.’

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