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I don’t use this blog for commercial purposes. I don’t generally blog adverts for third parties, and I never post sponsored content. You may occasionally see adverts on this blog, but they come from WordPress, the blog hosting company, and have nothing to do with me. I get no revenue or earnings from them. However today I am going to blog about what is essentially an advert for a commercial venture, although I stress that I’m doing this for free and am not getting any financial benefit in return. I’m not receiving any commission or pay, I am doing this because I love this venture, think it’s a great idea, and it’s something that I believe that readers of this blog will also enjoy and will want to support.

Edinburgh based mapping company XYZ Maps got in touch after seeing my wee Gaelic map of Edinburgh the other day. They produce wall maps and digital maps, in English as opposed to my Gaelic maps. They’ve recently issued a couple of maps which readers of this blog and independence supporters in general are going to love. They’re maps which show Scotland as an independent country already. These are maps that show the world the way it ought to be, and the way in which it very soon will be.

The company has already published a world map showing Scotland taking its rightful place amongst the independent nations of the world, and a political map of the British Isles which shows the independent states of Scotland, Ireland, and the United Kingdom of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. They are maps which any independence supporter would be proud to display on their wall.

Following a commission from a company in Germany, XYZ Maps are about to publish a new map of a post-Brexit EU which shows an independent Scotland as an EU member with the rest of the UK outside. The new map will shortly go on sale in Germany and Austria, and demand for the new map demonstrates the huge public sympathy that there is in mainland Europe for an independent Scotland which is a part of the EU. Contrary to what the Unionist parties and their supporters might tell you, most people in the rest of the EU are massively supportive of a pro-European Scotland and want to see us both independent and a fully participative member of the European family of nations. That’s a family in which Scotland really will have an equal voice, and not the do-as-you’re-told and shut up and get back into your shortbread tin which passes for Scotland being an equal partner in the supposed family of nations that makes up the UK.

Here are some snippets and lower quality versions of their existing maps. These images are © XYZ Maps www.xyzmaps.com Click on the image to see a larger version.




If you’d like to purchase the full sized versions, go to the following URLs.  Wall maps are for sale for £24.99 for the world map, or £29.99 for the British Isles map.  These maps are laminated so are hard wearing.  Digital copies for your computer, tablet or other device are available for US$4.99. If you don’t already have it then then buying the digital version will also install the Avenza Maps app that is needed to display the map. This does things like showing where you are with a big dot and will keep the map pointing at North amongst other things.

Here are the links to purchase the wall maps

Scottish world map https://www.xyzmaps.com/large-scottish-world-political-wall-map-1-30m-scale
This map is at a scale of 1:30million and is 1380mm x 950mm (54.3″ x 37.4″). Price £24.99

Political map of the British Isles https://www.xyzmaps.com/scottish-british-isles-political-large-1-1m-wall-map
This map is at a scale of 1:1,000,000 and measures 914mm x 1105mm (36″ x 43.5″). Price £29.99

Here are the links to purchase the digital maps.  Each is available for the price of US$4.99.

Scottish world map https://www.avenzamaps.com/maps/89833/

British Isles political map https://www.avenzamaps.com/a/2dy1kvb

The Scottish EU map will become available shortly, contact XYZ Maps for further details.

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