NHS Scotland’s Accident and Emergency Departments continue to outperform

Source: John Robertson NHS Scotland’s Accident and Emergency Departments continue to outperform

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You might remember this from January 2016:

‘Scotland’s A&E the best in world – Sturgeon hits back on health record’ (The National 29th January 2016)

The article by Kathleen Nutt went on to say:

‘NICOLA Sturgeon yesterday cited comments from a leading medical college [Royal College of Emergency Medicine] saying the UK “has the best performing accident and emergency services in the world” and that Scotland “has the best performing A&E services in the United Kingdom” as she brushed off an attack from Kezia Dugdale on the state of the NHS north of the Border.’

In October 2015, 94.7% of patients in Scottish A&E departments were seen within four hours. In England, it was 92.3% so not really a very big difference. The year before, in October 2014, Scotland’s performance had been 1.9% behind England. In October 2016, after another year of Tory rule over NHS England and, of course one more year of SNP rule over NHS Scotland, these were the figures:

Table 1: Percentage of patients spending less than 4 hours in A&E 2015–16

England            87.9%

Wales                77.7%

Scotland           93.3%

N Ireland         71.7%

The above table is from page 6 of:

House of Commons Health Committee Winter pressure in accident and emergency departments at:

http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201617/cmselect/cmhealth/277/277.pdf utm_source=277&utm_campaign=modulereports&utm_medium=module

So, what about 2017, how are we doing? Looking at the first quarter of 2017, 87.6% of English A&E patients were seen within 4 hours.


In Scotland, the figures were published monthly but all three months were notably better than the English figures:

93.8% of patients were seen and either admitted, transferred or discharged within four hours during the month [March]. The number compares with 92.5% in February and 91.8% in January.’


So, perhaps still the best A&E service in the world? Does the manifesto mention this?