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The Maybot has spoken. Scotland, you’re not allowed to decide your own future. Remember all that about being a respected and equal partner in a family of nations? Well what it really meant was that we’re all equally under Theresa’s thumb. She’ll decide what future we’re getting. She’ll decide Brexit. She’ll decide everything. And Scotland can shut up and do what she tells us. That’s the equality and respect that you show to a piece of dog crap caught on your kitten heel.

Theresa doesn’t want Scotland to have another independence referendum because it’s inconvenient for her. It’s terribly inconvenient because it means she won’t be able to sell out the Scottish fishing industry in return for access to the European single market for the financial sector in the City of London. It means she won’t be able to use Scotland’s resources and exports as bargaining counters in Brexit. It means she won’t be able to sell Scotland off. She’s angry about that, because it’s her Brexit party, and Scotland spoils it for her. She’s angry because Scotland just reminded her that there are other people involved here, and we have views and we have opinions and we are damned if they’re not going to be voiced.

The Prime Minister’s insistence that Scotland must wait until after Brexit is concluded before we can hold a referendum is based on a lie. She says that it’s not fair for Scotland to have a vote before the terms of Brexit are known. But that’s not what is going to happen. We will know exactly what the terms of Brexit are by the time a referendum was due, in late 2018 or early 2019, before the UK is pushed out of the Brexit door and into Theresa’s sub-Trumpian dystopia of immigrant bashing and nostalgic nationalist isolationism. An agreement has to be reached, and then it must be ratified. We will know exactly what that agreement is by late 2018, and every country in Europe will then have its opportunity to ratify it and say whether they agree with it.  Except one.

Theresa is saying that every country in Europe can ratify the Brexit agreement, except Scotland. Scotland is to get no say at all. Scotland isn’t to be allowed to say if we agree with Theresa’s agreement, that is if she’s managed to make any agreement at all and we’re not facing the increasingly likely nightmare of being thrown out of the EU without any deal at all being struck. Little nations like Estonia and Malta will get their say on Brexit. They will be fully involved in the negotiation process.  They’ll have the legal right to debate the Brexit agreement in their parliaments, to discuss it in full, and then will have the legal power to decide whether their parliaments and peoples will accept a deal which has been struck with the full participation of their own governments. That’s a deal that will involve selling out Scotland’s resources, but Scotland won’t just be refused the right to ratify the deal, we won’t even be involved in negotiating it in the first place.  We get no say, no consent, no voice.

The British government is hell bent on determining the franchise for the next Scottish referendum. They don’t want us to have it before Brexit comes into effect because they don’t want EU citizens to have a vote and to have a voice. They’re scared of democracy. They’re terrified that this time they’ve gone too far and the people of Scotland, those of us who live in this country and have made it our home, will tell them that we reject their callous and cold-hearted rejection of human decency that leads them to prioritise the demonisation of migrants above all other public policies. They don’t want Scotland to have a vote until it’s too late. They’re determined that we will be tied to the lump of concrete that passes for the British ship of state and we will drown with the rest of them.

Scotland will not have its referendum when it’s convenient for a Prime Minister who has no mandate in this country. Scotland will have it when it’s convenient for Scotland. Theresa May has shattered the illusion that we live in a Union. We don’t. We live in a unitary state in which Scotland is a possession of English nationalism. We live in a country in which the views and distinctiveness of Scotland are traduced, insulted and abused by a government which knows little about us and which cares even less. Theresa May has just turned around to the people of Scotland and stuck two fingers up at us. This isn’t a rebuff to the SNP. This isn’t a slight against Nicola Sturgeon. This is a calculated insult against Scottish democracy, against the entire concept of Scottish nationhood. Theresa May has just told us that we are no more or less than an English region, and we will do what she tells us.

If democracy in Scotland means anything, then it is for Scotland to decide when it’s time for Scotland to make the decisions that are best for Scotland, not Theresa May. According to the Guardian, this hardline decision from the UK government comes after pressure from Ruth Davidson, a politician who lost the last Scottish elections. We now find ourselves living in a country where politicians who lose votes have more influence than those who won them. That’s not a democracy. That’s an authoritarian regime. Unionists complain about the dictatorial tendencies of the SNP because the party had the audacity to win three elections in a row, but the real dictators in Scotland are those serial losers in the Conservative party who still insist on imposing their views on a Scotland which has repeatedly rejected them.

Theresa May is a coward. She’s afraid of democracy. She’s afraid of being challenged in the Commons and elsewhere. She’s afraid of the Scottish people. She’s afraid of our voice. She’s too afraid to come out and state baldly that she will block a Section 30 Order. Instead she hints. She prevaricates. She says it’s not the right time. But she won’t come out and state boldly that she’s going to block it. She’s too much of a coward for that. She doesn’t know the difference between democracy and majoritarianism, she doesn’t know the difference between consent and being silenced. Scotland will not be silenced.

This is Scotland’s future. This is our choice and our decision. I’ve already detailed in a previous blog that there are paths to a referendum that don’t require the consent of Theresa May. The Scottish government should press ahead with its bill for a referendum and demand a Section 30 Order. If that is refused, then those other options are available to us. Scotland will be having its vote when it suits Scotland, and we will go into that vote in the full knowledge that the Conservatives are determined to squash Scottish democracy and refuse Scotland the right to have any say in its own future. All Theresa May did today was to hammer another nail into the coffin of the Union. She’s burying her precious under a pile of bile and disdain. It doesn’t matter what she says, Scotland will have the final word.

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