The tweets you won’t read

Social media amused itself briefly tonight over a spat between former SNP MP (now independent) Natalie McGarry and children’s author and hedge enthusiast JK Rowling. It started like this: And then some stuff happened. McGarry alleged that Rowling defended “abusive, misogynist trolls”. Note that last word – “trolls”, not “trolling”, …read more

Stick it where the EVEL doesn’t shine

BUTRT cover front(1)

Time is running out for an agreement between the Scottish Government and the UK Treasury on a financial settlement for Scotland. Now Labour has accused the SNP of creating an artificial deadline, because Labour are taking the side of the UK Treasury in this process. The discussions relate to the …read more

Smart Grid Super Grid


As the North Sea wanes, we have an opportunity to replace what will become an increasingly anachronistic oil industry with a clean energy network connected to our peers in Europe – instead of selling barrels of oil, we will be selling power from clean energy sources. Though weather patterns …read more

Body found on River Spey

A police spokesman has just released the following statement: “As part of efforts to trace missing persons Kathleen Edward, 85, from Aberlour, and Rosemary Laing, 77, from Rothes, we can confirm that a …read more

The bargain of evil

The Scottish Daily Mail’s front page lead today is so galactically despicable that it’s easy to overlook another story that it bundles in with the same “SNP BAD” attack. While excoriating Dr Philippa Whitford for having the sheer shameless gall to help save women’s lives in her holidays, the alleged …read more

How to Trip up Trump


Those of you who watched Matt Frei’s The Mad World of Donald Trump may still be reeling (available to view here). Those of you who saw Sarah Palin’s endorsement speech definitely will be…

But why can’t the other candidates lay a glove on Trump? Why can’t they expose him to …read more

The scum at the bottom of the sewer

As it happens, one of the things that we’ve been occupying ourselves with during the current news drought is pulling together a post called “The SNPBAD Files”, collecting all the desperate smear and innuendo of the Unionist press as it systematically tries to discredit every one of the 56 SNP …read more