The angriest man in Scotland

We were greatly amused to learn this morning that Professor Adam Tomkins of Glasgow University, the bad-tempered darling of the Scottish Conservatives and the only political pundit who can make Alan Cochrane of the Telegraph seem measured and thoughtful, plans to stand for election to the Scottish Parliament next May. …read more

Beware of Chilcot

I am worried that the continued delay in the publication of Chilcot’s report is giving rise to expectations that it will be forthright and damning of Blair and his supporters. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even though Blair plunged us into an illegal war with dreadful long-term …read more

Down From the Mountain

It is hard to describe why I find DTRH such an uplifting experience. To quote this year’s Herald review “you’d have to be half-mad to dream up Doune the Rabbit Hole. Since 2010, the family-friendly Stirlingshire festival has appeared to shirk any nod to corporate sponsorship or commercialism, in …read more

Vanished Support

My Twitter followers have suddenly declined from 8,700 to – err – 1! Can anybody explain this? As I have often explained, I don’t tweet, except for an automatic tweet of the title of new blogposts. This does however seem extremely strange.

In a similar vein, my blog has …read more

Ultimo Democracy


‘Our’ democratic institutions are now stuffed with Moat-cleaners, lackeys, toadies and lickspittle has-beens. Welcome Michelle Mone, Lord Hague, failed Liberals, spads and donors: the patronage class. You can lose your seat at an election by over ten thousand votes and get knighted for it in the Motherfucker of all Parliaments. …read more

The UK Hits Moral Rock Bottom

I return from summer break with a shock as the UK hits moral rock bottom. On the day that it is revealed that 2,380 people in three years died within 14 days of being declared fit to work by an ATOS assessment and having benefit stopped, we also have 45 …read more

War is declared, and battle come down

Yesterday we noted an interesting apparent shift in the BBC’s political stance with regard to Scotland. Two serving senior political reporters have made open attacks on the SNP, backed up by other media and politicians, seemingly abandoning all notions of the impartiality to which the BBC is bound by charter. …read more

Scottish Business Buzz (27.08.15)

Scotland is celebrating an unprecedented 12-month period of being in the world’s spotlight, during which time more than 622,000 spectators attended golf events watched by hundreds of millions of fans around the globe. An independent study which shows the event at Gleneagles attracted more than 63,000 visitors from outwith Scotland …read more