Edging closer to the truth

Listeners to today’s “Good Morning Scotland” were treated (from 2h 7m at that link) to a consummate masterclass in the art of evasion from Labour’s Scottish branch manager Jim Murphy. The bulk of a 13-minute segment was devoted to Murphy’s claim that a Labour vote in this May’s general election …read more

The eyes and ears of democracy

Conspiracy theory or awakening – you decide.

During the referendum we were out every day knocking on doors, meeting people in the streets attending public meetings and linking up with other branches who were doing the same.

By the 17 September we were very confident of a win but more than that, …read more

A backwards step

Hi, I’m Lauren. Some of you might know me – during the referendum I wrote a letter to the Wee Ginger Dug about my journey from No to Yes. I’m a true convert, and once I crossed over I got busy – I leafleted and canvassed and worked my socks …read more

102,143 and counting

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This weekend is the party conference of a party that’s not a branch office or an accounting unit. And it’s actually being attended by real live human beings who are filling a large hall. Over 3000 folk have turned up to listen to politics on a Saturday morning …read more

Shortlists and Short Tempers

By Mike Small The women only shortlists debate is a good one. It’s about how do we rectify institutionalised and structural inequality. Many of us in the Yes movement thought that it was about transforming Scotland. Not just independence for independence… Read More › …read more

Oh! Take me back to dear old Blighty

What does the media frenzy over Richard III tell us about Englishness? Probably nothing new. At the core of modern English identity, at least in the television version for decades, lies Shakespeare’s sceptred isle of the Tudors, a lost country where England really was England and not Britain… …read more