Another goodbye

Just in case any of our spotters tomorrow fancy handing out their own leaflets. Click image to see the whole thing, and download the PDF for printing here. …read more

Bad news for binmen

The Guardian tonight reports, by way of covering Johann Lamont’s debacle at First Minister’s Questions today, an interesting snippet related to our post of earlier today: “The pro-UK Better Together campaign announced that it was to distribute half a million leaflets at railway stations, homes and high streets in Scotland …read more

Honour and dishonour

Thatcher’s former Governor General of Scotland, Ian Lang, made a wee speech in the House of Lords in which he said that Scottish independence would dishonour all those who had fought and died in the UK’s assorted wars.

As far as I can discover, Ian Lang has never seen active service …read more

Culture Club

By Mike Small The List’s indy issue is really odd. Promising ‘a range of cultural voices’ I thought of all the papers out there The List has managed at last to unearth some No voting creative types. Seems, they hadn’t…. Read More › …read more

BBC: Balance the Bias

It looks like BBC Scotland is compounding its overreaction to the Bias in Broadcasting report. It is now embarked on a course of forensic examination to challenge the detail of the UWS work in an attempt to claim that it is wrong to suggest bias in favour of the No …read more

The honesty patrol

Earlier this week we had a little fun at the expense of the anaemic “grassroots” No campaign, revealing that almost all of its planned activity between now and the referendum was a single day’s leafleting of some railway stations. Yesterday we found out the reason – they’ve got a new …read more

Baron Lang of Monkton Speaks

By Mike Small You’ve got to admire the sheer chutzpah of Barons and Lords pontificating on democracy. Today a whole parade of ermine will trumpet the need for less of it. But what many commentators seem to have forgotten is… Read More › …read more

Who’d want to share anything with this lot?

By Derek Bateman

My position has not changed…I thought Carney was measured and fair, giving benefits (which as I said earlier he rushed through at the start but that wasn’t what the mainstream media types were after) and he gave an objective assessment of potential obstacles and compromises.

The only question …read more