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With our compliments and best wishes. The Scottish Parlament Edinburgh EH99 1SP Dear Ruth/Johann/Willie, It is with deep regret that I am writing to let you know that I am resigning the party whip with immediate effect. I have hitherto been a loyal member of the party, as you know, …read more

Alistair’s My Darling

I was sitting in Nardini’s Café on Byres Road having an Americano and a pastry when I laughed out loud and turned heads. I was browsing on the iphone and read this on the BBC website.

Mr Darling added: “I’m always careful about what language I use because I think it’s …read more

Free subbing service available

Alert commuters using Scotland’s railway stations may this week have received a “newspaper” from the No campaign containing a splendid crossword and a recipe for raspberry brownies, amongst some political rubbish. We haven’t tried it ourselves, but we hope the recipe was a bit less inaccurate than the political sections, …read more

A tonic for the troops

As a living embodiment of the posh, braying public-school Tory-boy stereotype, Fraser Nelson of the Spectator used to reside in our “Zany Comedy Relief” links bar until we kicked him out for rarely lowering himself to write about Scotland. But his guest appearance in today’s Telegraph we enjoyed at least …read more