Songs For Johann

For those of you with Spotify, click the image to open. (Full 30-track playlist here. It’s an open collaborative one so feel free to add your own suggestions, or to make a YouTube version for those without the app.) …read more

Oh Joy – Another North Sea Review

Ed Davey – UK secretary of state for energy and climate change – has made my day. I was mulling over what to write about for the July issue of Energy but then up popped Ed with the announcement that he’s going to have another review of how to maximise …read more

Getting closer

The latest development in our prospective debate: Bit snippy, but we’ll take it. While we’ve already had an acceptance from Yes Scotland, we’re not quite there yet. Mr McDougall seems to have misunderstood the invitation slightly: “The meaning appears to be clear enough: if both sides get to choose their …read more

The sting’s the thing

We talk often of the “swarm of wasps” approach to debate that’s the main strategy of the No campaign. The guiding principle of it is to throw out so many dubious assertions, straw men and red herrings all at once that it’s all but impossible to counter the thrust of …read more

Unfortunate juxtaposition

From a heavily-spun Huffington Post piece on Scotland’s relationship with the monarchy, in which Dennis Canavan expressing an opinion when asked a question becomes an “outburst”. You know the sort of thing. (Also reported in the Telegraph as “Yes camp in disarray”, before a hasty rewrite.) It’s an interesting definition …read more

Another thing we don’t understand

Our old pal Tom Harris fits awfully comfortably into the pages of the Daily Telegraph for a Labour MP representing a Glasgow seat. But there’s something a bit odd about the nasty little piece on immigration he penned for the paper this week. See if you can spot it. “ Too …read more

Empty chairs

As yet we’ve had no replies from anyone to our invitation to the Yes and No camps to conduct a public head-to-head independence debate. Dennis Canavan is on holiday at the moment, but none of Blair McDougall, Alistair Darling, Blair Jenkins or the official Yes and No campaigns have bothered …read more